Friday, 10 May 2013

The joys of spring

It wasn't so long ago that the fields were covered in a carpet of snow or else submerged under huge puddles of muddy water. There were no signs of life, the sun was in hibernation and winter seemed here to stay. My mood became correspondingly blacker as the months passed. In the last few weeks the sun has woken from its slumber and has gradually been working its magic - the landscape is transformed and my spirits are lifted.

Although everything is at least a month late, it was certainly worth waiting for - the wooded hillside is covered in a carpet of primroses the like of which I have never seen before; the blackthorn's beautiful white flowers adorn the bare branches in the hedgerow, resembling a Japanese painting; the daffodils on the village green turn their heads to catch the sun's rays; even the dandelions light up the verges in a riot of bright yellow. As the memory of the dismal winter slowly fades, it's at times like these that I really appreciate living in the country....

1 comment:

  1. Inner city. OK no lambs but.........
    Outside the workroom window, three enormous chestnut trees smothered in candles, something that might be a hornbeam scattering pale green leaves across the next flats, tiny white something-or-others in the lawn; turn right and small buildings sit among unidentified trees and beyond them something tall and ancient grows furry-looking waiting still for its leaves. I never photograph it. It will all be back next year.
    (But I do like these of yours.)