Thursday, 26 February 2015

Glittering and Shimmering

London never looked so fine as when I set out last week on another amble along the Thames, my route taking me from London Bridge to Southwark Bridge and back the other side. This time I made sure to monitor my photographic output so my battery didn't run out on the return leg!

The pleasure in the air was almost palpable as I stepped out onto the riverside path - people were everywhere enjoying the winter sunshine - strolling, running, eating lunch, chatting on the phone or just taking some quiet time to enjoy the view or read a book. Unlike the Seine and many other European rivers, until recently I hadn't really associated the Thames with public recreation. In fact, access to the riverbanks in this central area of London is easy apart from a few stretches where the path deviates away from the waterside. Contrast this to many areas both up and downstream which are being heavily developed with upmarket apartment complexes and where public access is increasingly thwarted, as featured in an article in the Guardian this week. As I venture further west, I'm sure I will encounter this problem.

The great ribbon of water creates myriad effects in the sunshine - glittering and shimmering, reflecting itself in the plate glass of the buildings thronging the riverbanks, slipping in and out of view, under bridges and behind parapets, then suddenly reappearing as a tantalising sliver of silver down some steep steps......


  1. No 8 intrigues. I assume the reflections are playing on a reflective soffit to an overhanging building. Smart move by the designers if that is so. I can imagine watching the movements for a while but not wanting to capture them even if it could result in a satisfying abstraction.

    1. You're quite right Peter - that's exactly what it is. I understand you not wanting to photograph stuff like this - just as I have no desire to photograph buildings in a documentary way!

    2. I think the point I was trying to make is that I wouldn't want to freeze the motion of the reflections - rather leave them alone continuing as I move off to wherever. Not a doc vs the rest comment!

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