Monday, 22 October 2012


A new blog and fresh inspiration......well, hope springs eternal!  The death of the year beckons: Autumn is traditionally perceived as the season of melancholy but in its slow decay and darkening days are to be found the seeds of next year's regeneration - the perfect time, then, to start a new blog.

Previous blog incarnations were either specific to a particular project, fell by the wayside through neglect or simply died a natural death.  A certain amount of discipline is required to maintain a blog on a regular basis and I find it difficult to photograph to order. Recently I feel I have lost my way somewhat, not getting the same pleasure I used to from the act of photographing. I need to rekindle my waning inspiration and pull myself out of the rut I have been ploughing.

By examining not only my own work but the work of others, I hope to rediscover the joys of photography, in the process challenging myself to put new ideas into practice as well as revisiting old work with fresh eyes. My ideas come thick and fast, but most remain unrealised, either through laziness, lack of time or poor organisation.  I flit like a butterfly from project to project so have decided to make a virtue of my lack of focus and put it all down here in the hope that something concrete will emerge. Who knows - it may lead to a completely new direction or simply a reappraisal of what is important to me.

Watch this space.....

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