Thursday, 25 October 2012

Town mouse, country mouse

I have always been drawn to photographing the urban landscape, even though I spend the majority of my time living in the country.  The city is full of visual stimulus - a rich source of inspiration with its ever-changing backdrop and constantly moving flow of humanity. I find the country, by contrast, more difficult to draw inspiration from.  It reveals its secrets more reluctantly, requiring more close observation as the day to day changes are easy to miss.  Weeks can go by without much seeming to happen - just the daily weather fluctuations and the gradual and inevitable change of the seasons.  Perhaps I have become immune to its charms, taking its quiet beauty for granted as I rush about the London streets in search of novelty and excitement. But perversely, when I am in the city, after a few days the frenetic hustle and bustle, the sheer overwhelming noise of the place, starts to wear me down and I find myself longing for the peace and tranquillity of the countryside. There seems to be no pleasing some people!

A few months ago, in response to this dilemma, I strung together a short sequence of photographs accompanied by an audio track I recorded in the small village where I live, combining the sights of the city with the sounds of the country. It makes for rather strange and sometimes slightly comical viewing..... 

Perhaps there is scope for further development here, not necessarily in the same format as I'm not sure I want to branch out into video.  It is more the contrasts and contradictions of the city/country divide that interest me.

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