Monday, 10 December 2012

Six of the best ......still life

Continuing my six of the best series - a selection of my photographs from the year.

René Descartes' famous statement about human consciousness was the inspiration for these tongue-in cheek self-portraits, which despite their apparent humour, have an underlying serious intention. I have chosen to present myself to the world in disguise in order to reveal certain aspects of my character which I normally prefer to keep concealed, possibly even from myself. Our personalities are made up of many different traits which are often contradictory and changeable. Is it possible to know the nature of the true self? Does this self bear any relationship to the personality we project to others? Or do we exist in a permanent state of self-deception and lack of awareness. I think, therefore I am - but what am I?

The study of phrenology gained great popularity in Victorian times - the shape of the skull was said to denote particular character traits and different areas of the skull were believed to correspond to various psychological aptitudes and tendencies. More from the series here

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