Monday, 12 January 2015

Catching Up

It's been over 18 months since I posted anything on this blog. Much as I recoil from the general idea of a New Year being a new start, this year I feel differently somehow and am beginning to feel the stirrings of desire to get photographing again. The reasons for my recent disengagement with photography have been various. I've had other things on my mind - the deaths of both my best friend and my mother, together with my attempt and failure to sell up, move house and make a fresh start elsewhere, have all distracted me from pursuing much serious photography recently. Also the sheer volume of images we get exposed to - on the web, via social media, in exhibitions, books and magazines - has contributed to a kind of disenchantment and fatigue. But time to pull myself together - I will just have to make an effort to filter out the dross, concentrate on what really interests me and stay focused!

It hasn't been a total waste of a year though - I have managed to create one book which I'm happy with - An Accumulation of Days - a collection of photographs taken in and around the home over the course of a few years. The images range from almost abstract shadows and reflections to more intimate portrayals of small everyday moments as the seasons change and the days pass. A preview of the book can be seen here

Some of the work from this book also featured in an exhibition I took part in last November at Espacio Gallery in London's Shoreditch as part of Photomonth. The show The Bleached Bones of a Story was organised by London Independent Photography Central Group and featured work from 11 photographers detailing life's little events and ordinary things. It was a thoughtfully-curated show where disparate work seemed to connect very well. A great success.

Earlier in the year The Swanscombe Project was shown at Goldsmith's, University of London. This was the culmination of a year's work by sixteen photographers documenting life on the marsh. My work for the project can be seen in earlier posts on this blog. As plans to develop the marsh gain momentum, the project will get another outing in February this year at the Blake Gallery in Gravesend. Details to follow.

Over the past year I have also been helping out on the editorial team of fLIP - the thrice-yearly photography magazine produced by London Independent Photography. The magazine, free to members and on sale at selected bookshops and galleries, is an interesting mix of members' work and features, interviews, exhibition listings and reviews and is completely free of advertising. Each issue is centred around a theme - currently Conflict. Excellent value for money and a good read!

Finally I have spent some time revamping and updating my website. I think the result is a more professional, streamlined look with my work divided into relevant themes which are easily searchable. A well-designed website should be a showcase for your work. Despite the importance of social media and blogging, it's usually the first port of call when promoting yourself so it's important to get it right and make it stand out from all the millions of others out there! You can see the result here.

So - expect more photographs, ideas for project development, updates, some of my favourite book recommendations, exhibition news and anything else that takes my fancy.


  1. Thanks Bill. I'm feeling quite inspired at the moment. Once I start producing some new work, the blog should start to look more interesting.