Monday, 20 April 2015

12 by 12 Challenge #1 Part Two

Following on from the first part of my 12 by 12 challenge, I made the same journey but in reverse - from Baker Street tube to Marylebone Station. In her challenge Vanessa Winship made the point that taking the same route may well lead to a different experience on another occasion. Walking in the opposite direction perhaps you notice things you missed on the way there - it's certainly always good to have an alternative viewpoint. Other factors will influence the look of the street - time of day, weather, amount of people and traffic etc. On my second trip it had been raining earlier, the pavements were wet and sleek in the sunshine, raindrops glistened on the reflective bonnets of parked cars....

The following month brings a fresh challenge which I will be documenting here later.  In hindsight, I found this challenge a little underwhelming but that was probably because I only engaged with it in a fairly superficial way. It's not too different to the way I normally operate when I go out with my camera in the city so I didn't really feel that I had covered any new ground! Onwards and upwards.....

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  1. Hmmm yes; I was going to comment weeks ago. So now I'm taking a break from an urgent Something Else and finally getting round to it. These do look a bit less engaged than the first set and I think that as long as one stays on the surface a law of diminishing returns is more or less inevitable. The first two (and to a lesser degree the third) are all perfectly realised renditions of urban cliches but I like the little hut brooding in its garden in the sixth and the fourth gets really interesting on several different levels. It has a quietly pleasant way with the veiled reflection, breaks 'rules' with the near perfect division in halves and carries a strong informative element in the posters - very Marylebone I think: there are hijab wearers in Lewisham but no ads comparable to that one. So this is beginning to burrow into the locality. Interesting rather than momentarily distracting. More!