Thursday, 16 April 2015

12 by12 Challenge #1 Part One

12 by 12 is a year-long series of photo-challenges set by renowned photographers. Every month a new challenge is issued and group members are invited to interpret it by submitting their responses on Flickr or Instagram. The idea is to encourage creativity and experimentation, in terms of approach as well as aesthetics. The challenge is a continuation of previous tasks 52 by 52 and 26 by 26 examples of which are on the website. 

The first challenge was set by photographer Vanessa Winship and urged us to take a route you’re familiar with but have never photographed along and photograph someone or something every 100 or so steps. It's all about looking at a familiar environment with fresh eyes and working within a set of rules and a restricted framework. I really like the idea of imposing limitations on yourself - some may see it as a restriction but sticking to a set of rules can actually free you up. It's a bit like having too much choice in a shop - when you go into a shop which has a limited selection of goods on offer, it actually becomes easier to make a decision! 

Initially I struggled to think of a route to choose as most of my familiar routes are already well-documented. I realised though, that one route I have never photographed is the short walk on my arrival in London between Marylebone Station and Baker Street tube. I take this route on a regular basis but have never felt the need to photograph it as I'm usually focused on getting somewhere else. These are the results, all taken with my phone......


  1. Oh! the possibilities indeed. I'm not much of a fan of these rather self-conscious exercises such as 12x12 BUT.......
    I have also been waiting to see what you would come up with on bringing B&W to London. Keep at it. It could be a lot stronger than the colour work. Like these a lot.

  2. I can see it wouldn't be up your street Peter! I only decided to take part to kick-start a bit of motivation which has been sorely lacking recently. Not sure if I'll stay the course though! Thanks for the vote of confidence in the work - I'm always torn between black and white and colour but have decided when I use my phone to stick to black and white only. The phone is good for certain types of shot, especially when you get in close but certainly doesn't cope well with distances and general views.